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It even sounds complicated and scientific. Many people are curious. Electrolysis was invented in 1875 by an eye-doctor who was trying to treat his patients who had ingrown eyelashes and since that time on electrolysis has proved itself to be the ONLY PERMANENT hair removal method that actually works. If you don't believe us you can ask FDA. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method.

All in all, electrolysis is not about the FDA and their approval, it's there for us to remove unwanted hairs PERMANENTLY. It's a great tool to make us happy and beautiful. I always said that when it comes to permanently removing unwanted hairs electrolysis is giving us the confidence dot by dot.

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CLICK HERE to read the article I was talking about in the video that is about Laser's Harmful Effects. Laser hair removal damages the skin - Life Sciences & Biotechnology Update.

Note: I forgot to mention that laser treatments last average 2 to 3 years before hairs grow back full volume.





Q: Does electrolysis hurt?

A: It is individual. Some people feel it more than others. Interestingly, laser hair removal hurts more than electrolysis. This is a fact. Also, those who’ve doing waxing for some time, have their skin desensitized. Therefore, they’ll handle electrolysis treatments much better because their skin does not feel the pain anymore.


Q: What options do I have when it comes to pain relievers?

A: There are many over the counter and alternative solutions that help a lot. We actually made a booklet that includes all the pain killer solutions and suggestions. You've got to experiment and see which one works best or ask to your doctor.

Q: Are there any foods/drinks that I cannot have before an electrolysis treatment?

A: Try not to drink coffee or anything with caffeine in it because it makes you overly alert and extra sensitive. It’s best if you are relaxed.


Q: Is it OK to have an electrolysis done while I’m on my period?

A: It is OK to have an appointment during that time. However, it’s best to have the treatment done when you’re not on you period because you’re more sensitive. I've seen many of women who don’t have any issues but there are some who are irritated and don’t take electrolysis too well at that time. If you are more sensitive, then please make sure your appointment is not at the same time as your period.



What Is Cataphoresis And Why We Do It
Georgia Davis for HAIRBUSTED

Cataphoresis is an electrical treatment that is applied after electrolysis. It reduces the redness, cools down the skin and also disinfects it.  In about 30 to 45 minutes after your treatment is performed you will see your skin almost back to normal. It is especially suitable for hypersensitive skin types.

Cataphoresis is not a required treatment and is often neglected by other electrologists. However, we always perform cataphoresis because we deeply care about the healing process that your skins goes through after the electrolysis and we do everything in our hands to help our clients.  

Benefits of cataphoresis:

  • -reduction of inflammation, irritation, redness and oedema
    -acid produced at the electrode is germicidal
    -tightens dilated pores
    -restores the pH level following Blend Electrolysis by neutralizing the alkali


Everyone I found great video from the girl who's describing her experience with electrolysis treatment.



CLICK on the link to download the brochure about pain killer suggestions.


You can go ahead and experiment with these over the counter drugs. We all are different and need to experiment a little bit to find out what works for each of us individually. I collected this data from people who has used it and worked them. It's also a good idea to ask your doctor. They'll definitely suggest something. Meanwhile, over the counter drugs still remain one of the easiest and affordable solutions for reducing the pain.

We r ecently add new items to our list. Scrol to the all the way down to see them.

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